Friday, April 19, 2013

Tissues and Tatters

We buy tissues in bulk, and have boxes all over the house.  Yep, allergies.  I rarely find tissue boxes or covers that I like. So here's what I did. This is the easiest and fastest craft ever. 

Center your mini baroque mover and shaper on a 6"x 6" piece of cardstock.  Using your Tim Holtz craft ruler to find center makes it super easy. I taped it in place with masking tape.   Use your base tray and run It through your vagabond. 

Score each edge @ 5/8" and taper each tab

Ink the edge of the cut out.  For uneven edges like the baroque die cutout, I use the side of a distress marker tip.

Cut 2 pieces of cardstock 5" x 10 3/4".  Score at 1 3/4" and again at 6"
Taper the end tab.  Ink the cut edges.  Fold on the score lines.  Apply adhesive to the patterned side of the tabs   Assemble into box shape.  

Apply adhesive to the patterned side of the tabs on the box top. Attach to the inside edge of the box.  Voila.  

Now glam up with embellishments of your choice.  I am using tattered florals.

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