Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our ugly house, curb appeal

As you have read, craft cupboard under the stairs was very happy to move into a new house and become bigger on the inside.  And we are also very happy that there will be much scrapping of popcorn ceiling and wall paper and picking our new things.

As Spring has arrived, we now begin to focus on some curb appeal.  Here was original front view

What you may not see from this photo is that the multitude of evergreens shown here are very overgrown and much dead underneath.  Perhaps you can see that they appear to be either attacking the house or at least making it impenetrable.  Very foreboding and not at all friendly.  What you also do not see is the tons of rocks underneath that required shoveling in order to clear out the space.

Here's how things look today

All ready to go!  My wonderful sister-in-law scoped out a fabulous local landscaper and gifted us a certificate toward landscaping for Christmas.  We met with said landscaper and are overjoyed with the plan he created.  My dearest Kraftman will provide all the labor and our landscape artist will lay everything out and will not let us make a mistake.  Check out my Pinterest board, titled same as this blog, to see our planting selections.  Stay tuned.

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