Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our ugly house - the day before High School

What does every teen age girl need on her very first day of high school?   Her own well appointed bath room off course!

One of the buying features of our ugly house is that it had 2 1/2 baths.  When the 2 bedrooms were added on, the one large bath was split into 2 smaller baths, and probably bumped out some with the addition.  Also at one point the downstairs hall closet had been converted into a powder room. We can't do without a powder room, but the hall closet solution devised is not idea.  I hope to blog on our solution to that sometime soon.  In the meantime, back upstairs to the monkey's cramped bath.

For some reason, we didn't take a picture of her old vanity.  It was as ugly as this one only dark dark grey.

Her vanity just fit behind the door.  This was the only storage (no linen closet) and so not nearly enough for her.  Add to that a what was probably a first generation automatic faucet.  It wasn't hard wired but plugged into the wall and only turned on when you didn't want it to.  (ie wave your hands all you want, you cannot wash them.  However, accidently drop somehting in the sink, it gets wet.)

Well, the people who always have the ecomomical solution for lots of storage in small space is Ikea.

Their vanity is narrow in depth and packed with storage solutions.  

What you see here is the vanity without the bottom drawer installed.  Brian needed one more part, but the hardware store was closed.  Good thing too, because he needed to be on a plane to CA before dawn, and probably would have stayed up all night finishing up.

here's the very lovely tall cabinet next to her vanity.  It's shallow depth, but fits 
Skubb boxes very nicely.  She picked turqouise and labelled them for her bits and bobs.  IKEA Skubb boxes

How fabulous are these drawer dividers

The center is a Skubb box that she can pull out to do her hair.  On other side are the Godmorgon trays that lock into the drawer sides.  One each side of the Skubb box, there's 2  bottom trays, side by side and one on the top that slides back and forth

One great feature of the Godmorgon wall cabinets is that they are mirrored on the inside.  Once the shelves are all in, we'll arrange shorter items on the bottom shelf so that the monkey can get a panorama view of her hair.

The turquoise helps to brighten things up.  She still has the ugly brass shower door and she stills hates the Alfonse Mucha mural.

Here's her preferred take on Alfonse Mucha:


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