Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Ah Tattered Florals.  That’s where it all started, isn’t it?  This was several years ago and I can’t remember how it started, something to do with wanting to make notebooks out of recycled paper.  Somehow I stumbled on TH’s web site.  I watched every video.  Rewound – took notes.  I let it stew for a little bit.  Then, one day soon thereafter, sitting in the living room watching TV, I surprised even myself by saying to my husband “I want a Sixxiz Die Cut machine with A Tim Holtz alterations steel rule tattered flower die for my birthday.”  “A wha??”  says he.  “Here let me show you” says I and I showed him the videos and my little notes:  Stickles rock candy, distress ink, blending tool, perfect pearls,  distress embossing powder.  I remember it all well.  Now, a few years and about a million escudos later, I have the craft room of my dreams.

So my first Tim Holtz treasure combined with my latest Tim Holtz treasure!  What fun.  I took my fabulouso new distress paints and smeared them on my craft sheet using varying amounts of water.  Then I dragged, blotted and generally sloshed around with various bits of paper.  I wanted to use recycling so it was old manila folder, some packing paper, tissue paper and the top layer ripped off of a piece of corrugated  cardboard.  If a piece was too saturated I would smash another piece one top to mop up the excess.  Then I ran it all through the Vagabond (yep, upgraded as soon as I could) using the tattered floral Bigz, decorative strip and movers & shapers.  That gets you a huge pile of various flower shapes and leaves to randomly assemble.  Tattered floral spring time bliss.

Check out Tim's challenge here  and while you're there, check out the videos.

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