Saturday, July 9, 2011

Biological Clock

So, it takes a challenge.

One of my favorite people to follow (in the new hip way, not the old fashioned creepy way) is Cuddly Bunny over here.  Her art and sense of humor always put me in a better mood.  So, lucky me, as it turns out, I won a giftie that she was offering on her blog, SIX fabulous collage sheets from Octopode. WOOO HOOO big time. 

So, I’m looking at them, admiring them, admiring other people's Octopode creations and have no idea where to start.  UNTIL, I saw the Octopodes Friday Challenge.  Now, I’ve got a theme “TIME”.  I grab a Steampunk lady and start dressing her for the party.  I started with her original colors when another idea altogether hit me, so look for her on the other post today.

I grabbed the same Steampunk lady and started again, but this time she’s Alice.  Alice is wearing a tea length gown in Tim Holtz Distress weathered wood and stormy sky.  The background is the same technique from  GM 14 at Studio L3.  This is a technique that I just love – I wish you could see how beautiful the shimmer looks.  Check out the how to here.   You’ll see the white rabbit from Tim Holtz Spring Sprung running through the background.  I used the tarnished silver technique that I learned from StampTramp.

You know what’s great?  Ranger perfect medium pen, so you can emboss what you want (gives new meaning to the term blue eyeliner).  The other thing that is great is that stickles picks up the color of ink underneath it.  Awesome.

Like I said, look for her sister “Bridesmaid” in my other post.  She’s walking the runway at Gingersnap Creations.


  1. OK, I have to start by saying ... "Ranger perfect medium embossing pen?"

    ... My eyes are as big as our friendly Octopodes'! I'll be on the search for one of those pens as soon as I stop typing!

    Thanks for mentioning me, and the kind words, and especially for creating such a wonderful tribute to Alice and time and the Octopodes!

  2. Such a fantastic tag, looks wonderful.