Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grungy Monday 09

Grungy Monday 9 – Shabby Chic

What a mess!  This is definitely Grungy and Shabby, but I have to say. I’m kind of fond of it.  It’s the process not the product. 
This is for Linda’s Grungy Monday challenge over at Studio L3.  She has a wonderful thing going on, and if you didn’t get here from there, you should definitely check it out.   This week she picked a technique demonstrated by Tim Holtz here.  I’m pretty new to all of this, so everything she’s picks I’m trying for the first time.  It’s a blast!.

I painted my cardstock with black dauber as per TH.  Then I cut a stamp out of fun foam using my brand new TH cage die.  Also got this idea from TH.  It’s a great two-fer – you can find all kinds of great tips like this on his website.  I used this new stamp and the TH flourish stamp to do the clear embossing.  I am very limited in daubers and didn’t really want to use any of the colors that I had so I used another green acrylic paint that I had with some snowcap and silver dauber.  This is where the trouble started…..I couldn’t get the paint to wipe off.  Probably the other brand acrylic isn’t suited and I don’t think the silver dauber is suited very well either.  Plus the foam I used for the cage stamp was way too thin to have the stamp turn our nicely.  I read over on All Things Tim that if you don’t have the thick fun foam, glue two layers together.  Definitely a good tip.  I'll have to do that next time.  So…I had to pretty much scrape the paint off the embossing and took some paper with it.  The flourish turned out okay but definitely shabby.  The cage, due to thin stamp, turned out badly, but when it popped in my head that it looked like someone had drawn it on a wall with charcoals, I decided I liked it anyway.  So, I pressed on.  Next, I tried the tarnished silver and enamel technique that Shelly Hickox demos on her website.  If you haven’t check this out, you’ll want to.  She’s a genius with the techniques.  She just made this amazing telescoping steam punk card!  Check it out! 

Anyway, the number plaque thing is supposed to look like white enamel.  Well, seems my perfect medium had all kinds of STUFF stuck to it and the pad had actually turned to this mushy mess.   I applied it before the numbers had dried and also managed to pick up some green color, probably from my craft sheet.  Bottom line, added more mess to the mess, but I still don’t hate it.  You can’t see it very well in the photo, but the wing turned out okay, it has a pretty green flourish on it.  It did however crack.  I still don’t hate it.  I added some bling , a sentiment from the computer inked with DI peeled paint and a kiss of silver dauber, somemore bling, a silver daubered mat, oh and some stickles too. 
Like I said – it’s the process.


  1. Absolutely love it nothing makes me say hate it lol the sketchy effect of the bird cage work for me,
    I had the same problem with the small perfect medium pads there was a faulty batch a few years ago
    Keep up the good work
    Von x

  2. I love this piece! it looks really vintage and so glad you worked through everything to finish it.

  3. This is gorgeous it has a real shabby chic feel about it xx

  4. Oh duh! I had looked at my die, and thought too bad I don't have a stamp....and I've done that with other dies of his /slap upside of head! Great piece, and this really is a fun technique.

  5. Looks great - I like the descriptions on what worked and didn't and that you just kept going. Definitely a good result at the end!

  6. We are our own worst critics. This piece is fabulous! You captured the art of the technique so well. let it go and know you created a beautiful piece of art :-)

  7. Looking very shabby - great colours you've achieved...I had to scrub too!
    Sarah at 47

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